Airdrop Operating Procedures

Airdrop Mode:

  • Users can get FOXEX beyond the value of the robot by purchasing the robot, FoxPay has a strong and experienced background of large enterprises, FOXEX has been well circulated in the trading market, and has excellent investment value and potential. Every day, FoxPay also prepares free airdrops of FOXEX for every user.
    Follow the illustration.
  • 1. Click "Air Drop".
  • 2. You have 20 free air drops per day. Click on it to get a random number of FOXEX coins. After 20 clicks per day, all the FOXEX coins will reach your wallet at once. The benefit is restarted every 24 hours. If you do not click 20 times, you will be considered to have forfeited the benefit.
  • 3. Choose bots of different frequencies with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $50. Only one purchase per day per account. The robot will generate FOXEX income for you in excess of the robot's purchase price.
  • Follow the illustration.
  • 4. Enter your trading password
  • 5. Click Activate and the bot will start working immediately.
  • 6. You can check the status of your bot and the history of bot purchases here.

Warm reminder: investment risk, please choose the project according to their own situation sensibly!