What is two-factor authentication?

What is a transaction password?

  • Google Authenticator provides a six-digit one-time password to enable Google two-factor authentication, further protecting your assets during withdrawals, password changes, and other processes!
  • Enabling Google Authenticator is a simple process that greatly protects the security of your account.

How do I tie in Google Authenticatior?

    Follow the illustration.
  • 1. Click "Personal Center".
  • 2. Click "Security"
  • 3. Select "Google Two-Step Verification".
  • 4. You can choose between QR code or CAPTCHA for verification.
  • 5. Fill in the 6-digit verification code you received from Google Authenticator.
  • 6. Complete the setup

About Google Authenticator:

  • Google Authenticator APP Download Search "Google Authenticator" in the app store.