FoxPay Beginner's Guide

FoxPay offers its users a stable and diverse range of trading products. For different market conditions and models, everyone can find a suitable product at FoxPay.

FoxPay offers the most advanced and stable three investment models. Minimum investment starts from 1USDT. There is no time limit and you can withdraw your earnings every hour by clicking on the button. You can start and stop your investment at any time in FoxPay, and you can withdraw your investment funds and earnings at any time.

DeFi Mode:

  • FoxPay offers five DeFi stabilization modes. Different rates of return based on the length of the investment. The minimum requirement for all mode starts with $10. All mode will be available to you at the moment of the end of the cycle, when you can get your invested funds and earnings at once.

Artificial Intelligence Trading Mode:

  • Quantitative trading refers to the use of modern statistical and mathematical methods, the use of computer technology, through modeling and analysis, parameter optimization, and other means, and from the historical financial data to extract indicators affecting the investment, and the use of the program for automated trading in order to obtain "excess" returns.

AirDrop Mode:

  • Users can get FOXEX beyond the value of the robot by purchasing the robot, FoxPay has a strong and experienced background of large enterprises, FOXEX has been well circulated in the trading market, and has excellent investment value and potential. Every day, FoxPay also prepares free AirDrops of FOXEX for every user.

Derivatives mode and Copy Trading mode are not open to newbies at the moment, and newbies will be able to apply for the opening only after three months with the FoxPay Test Q&A.