What is a trading password and how to set it.

What is a transaction password?

  • Transaction password is the password you need to fill in when you invest and withdraw money from FoxPay. Please complete the setting as soon as possible after registration. Please keep it safe and change it if you forget it.

How do I set my trading password?

    Follow the illustration.
  • 1. Click "Personal Center".
  • 2. Click "Security"
  • 3. Select "Settings"
  • 4. Set your password
  • 5. Set your password as required
  • 6. Enter again
  • 7. Click "Next" to complete the settings
  • 8. Fill in the verification code received by email, which is valid within 300 seconds.
  • 9. If you do not receive the verification code, please click to obtain it again


  • If you need to change your transaction password, the same operation is performed. Please note that due to our security system, changing the password will result in a 24-hour inability to withdraw funds.